Grief and Loss

Loss is a part of life that cannot be avoided.  Everyone will experience losses in varying forms whether is it the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, loss of a pet or the loss of one’s health, to name only a few.  Grief is a natural part of the healing process after a loss has occurred.   

Everyone handles loss and grief differently.  There is no predictable process or schedule for how and for how long a person will mourn a loss.  During this process, it’s important to be gentle and patient with yourself while you are processing your feelings.  And while time does heal and soften wounds, certain dates, holidays or other reminders can trigger and reactivate emotional wounds you thought had already healed.   

During the grieving process you may feel like you are crazy.   You may get angry with yourself for not being able to “just get over it.”  You may feel like your friends and family must be tired of hearing you talk about your feelings.  As your therapist, I offer caring support in a safe environment while you heal and process your emotions.   

Like everyone else, I’ve experienced my own share of losses and corresponding grief so I know what you’re going through.