Anxiety and Panic Attacks

It’s a fact: panic attacks can be terrifying. Most people don’t understand what is happening to them when they experience anxiety or a panic attack.   It can be extremely confusing and humiliating to go to the emergency room, convinced you are dying of a heart attack, only to find out it was anxiety or a panic attack.  You may feel as though you’re losing your mind and you may live in fear wondering if and when it will happen again.  You may start to limit your activities and avoid certain situations that cause you to feel anxious.  Does that sound familiar?   

If so, I will teach you want happens in your body when you have anxiety and panic attacks and help you learn how to regulate your nervous system in order to reduce your anxiety. I want to help you learn grounding and relaxation techniques that engage your parasympathetic nervous system and make you feel calmer.  

You’re not crazy and it is treatable.